Kwanzaa In Living Color

Like the cross reminds me of the atoning sacrifice of Christ, the colors of Kwanzaa represented in the “bendera” (or flag) remind me of my people’s extraordinary resilience - of our ability to survive and thrive in America and other places in the African Diaspora. 

The red calls to mind the blood we’ve shed, from the TransAtlantic slave trade to the American Revolution, the Civil War, and other battles in which Black people lost their lives to protect and defend themselves and others - sometimes without their consent, and often without recognition or reward for their valor.

The black represents the richness, beauty, and luster of our melanated skin, of which we need not be ashamed. The black is us - our heritage, culture, features, traditions, and legacy. 

The green, for me, represents hope. Green has long been associated with life, nature, rebirth, prosperity, and progress. The green for me is the hope I carry that my words and deeds bring honor to my family, hope that I represent my husband and children well, hope that my children will carry into the world the strength of character, soundness of mind, and fortitude of heart to accomplish their goals and help others to do the same. Green is my favorite Kwanzaa color!

What’s your favorite Kwanzaa color?


Visit The Official Kwanzaa Website for more on the colors of Kwanzaa. 

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