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Welcome! We're KwanzaaCo!

We help conscientious Kwanzaa celebrators unite connection, purpose, people and culture in gifts expressed in ways unique to the Black experience. Whether commemorating a community-led neighborhood revitalization in honor of collective works and responsibility (Ujima), thanking participants after an economic empowerment event (Ujamaa), or expressing joy and love with friends and family during a candle lighting, our line of greeting cards, apparel and décor will help you say it well.

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Core Values


The fuel for our innovation. We constantly seek to produce and share beauty and joy with the world through the global Black community.


We will deal equitably with customers, stakeholders and partners.

Fiscal and Operational Stewardship

We employ sound business practices and measurement for both sustainability and scalability.


We will pursue collaborations with other Black-owned businesses and community partners to build a strong and supportive community in which our businesses thrive.


We are dedicated to observing and learning from the customer journey and using that insight to inspire our product development.


We seek to honor Christ in everything we do!