Unity is...

On the first day of Kwanzaa, we celebrate unity. This principle calls us to strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race. So Mom/Grandma came and paid us a visit along with her foster son (she has been a foster parent for decades). Her big personality was in full-bloom as it tends to be when she visits with us. We enjoyed singing, dancing, eating, laughing, and clowning. We also discussed important family matters and future planning. She challenged us and continued to hold us accountable for things we had declared to her in times past.

Before she left, she led our post-candle-lighting discussion on unity. She had each of us distill our thoughts down to one word to describe what unity means to us. Here is what we came up with: Support, Family-time, Safety, Strength, Community, Comfort, Power, Love, Overcome, and Anime...(???!!! - think screeching chalkboard sound followed by car crash sound). My eldest son was the one who responded anime. He stuck to his guns when we tried to persuade him to think more deeply about his response. Then he responded to us in defense of his answer. He said, "We all like anime and it brings us together, which always leads to memorable times." Then he said, "Even dad comes to join us, even though he just roasts the movies.

Let's strive for unity, y'all, and Happy Kwanzaa!


Andrew Sr. 

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